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eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce is More Than Just a Website
For most distributors, eCommerce means having a website where you can order products. At NorthEast Electrical Distributors, that's just the beginning.  We combine our knowledge of your business with the right eCommerce tools to improve productivity in all areas of your business.

Talk to our experts to get started. It's easy.

  • Win more projects
  • Quickly find products
  • Streamline purchasing process

We offer multiple eSolutions to do business your way:

  • Needco.com to check local availability and your pricing, order products and much more.
  • eLink your purchasing system to our system with email attachments for quotes, orders and invoices
  • eProcurement/EDI integrates your purchasing systems directly with NorthEast with a full suite of capabilities.

Talk to your sales rep about your plan to realize measurable benefits:

  • 51% to 62% reduction in requisition to-order cost*
  • 50% reduction in transaction cycle time*
  • 91% reduction in invoice processing costs*

Would you prefer to order and receive products using your part numbers? No problem. We'll load and match them to ours so you can use any of our eCommerce solutions with your part numbers.

Productivity For Your Business
NorthEast understands your business, assesses the value of process improvements and will design a tailor made, easy-to-use solution integrating multiple tools. These capabilities will boost productivity at every stage in the supply chain process and every time you transact business with us.

  • Finding products
  • Receiving and managing bids
  • Ordering online, EDI, through email attachments, or through integrating with your eSourcing application
  • Tracking orders
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Managing your account and settings ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Does your daily schedule dictate when you order materials? Needco.com is available 24/7 and has the features you need to make your job easier. Whether it's checking your price, placing an order for will call or next day delivery, or getting products specifications and viewing invoices — Needco.com is there when you need it - anytime, anywhere.

Find & manage Your Products
Needco.com makes it easy to find what you're looking for because it's tailored to how you search for products. Search by keyword or your part number; filter by personalized catalogs or product categories to quickly find the exact part you need.

Ordering is as easy as adding what you want to your online shopping cart and checking out when you're done shopping.

Link up your system with ours
Are you tired of entering in data? What if you simply clicked to execute transactions instead? NorthEast will match your file structure to ours and set you up to seamlessly communicate between systems. This facilitates system-to-system ordering and invoicing. If you prefer a simpler method, we'll set up to extract order files from email files.

Check order, shipment & Invoices
Give us an email address and receive order and shipping confirmations right to your inbox. To check order status and signature confirmation for your order, simply look up the invoice and view the signature capture. It's all available to you on needco.com.

Order & Invoice by E-mail
Do you use an estimating, accounting, or purchasing system where you can generate an RFQ or PO? If so, simply send the RFQ or PO to NorthEast as an email attachment and the quote or order will get processed immediately with an email confirmation sent back to you in minutes. Need to confirm the order was received? No problem - look up the invoice and an image of your employee's signature. If we have your email address, invoices can be sent to you automatically.

Electronic Estimating
Win more projects, save time and be more profitable. Simply download pricing right from your computer into your estimating software and use your up-to-date pricing.  Save time on common items so you can focus on the more complex items like gear packages. Partner with the experts at NorthEast and we will make your project estimation faster and more accurate, so you can win more business.

* Source: Aberdeen Group

Want to learn more?  E-mail us at NorthEastOnline@needco.com.