Panduit products

NorthEast offers solutions that address the challenges associated with the control panel lifecycle. Check out our full line offering from Panduit for everything you need to enable space optimization, productivity, safety and security.

Space Optimization

Regardless of the challenges encountered, Panduit solutions will provide maximum optimization of the limited space inside a control panel. Optimized control systems increase design flexibility and organization while providing robust, environment-rated solutions that ensure ideal performance, availability and uptime.

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Wiring Duct

DIN Rail Wiring Duct

Corner Wiring Duct



Efficiency. Output. Yield. Productivity. Businesses today insist on accomplishing as much as possible in as little time as possible. Products and processes that maximize uptime, reduce costs and meet production deadlines are in high demand as machine designers and builders race to remain competitive and deliver upon their customer's expectations.

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Cable Ties

Cable Tie Tools

Cable Tie Mounts

Terminals and Ferrules


Security and Safety

Panduit has developed a wide range of solutions designed to protect workers against mechanical, electrical and hazardous situations as well as products that provide multiple layers of security that work together to protect equipment. Facility identification and safety products reduce the risk to workers and businesses through greater awareness and communication of workplace hazards and assist with effective compliance with OSHA safety regulations. The unique designs of the block-out and lock-in devices ensure the safety and security of the network infrastructure.

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Lockout Tagout Devices

Ground Bars


Spiral Wrap


*New* Verisafe Absence of Voltage Tester

VeriSafe is the first-of-its-kind voltage tester that determines the absence of voltage with just a push of a button. This revolutionary 2018 NFPA 70E compliant product automates the required six-step testing process in about ten seconds, enabling your plant to operate faster, safer, and more efficiently. Simplify safety with the superior technology of VeriSafe. Click here for an informational video and ask your salesperson for more info.