Once a month, our spotter is giving out $50 (on the spot!!!) to one customer who has our mobile magnet on their vehicle.

Promotion ends 12/31/2019.

Past Spotted Winners

Jeff of JCS Electrical 
Spotted at our Waterbury, CT Branch

Rick from Mirra Company
Spotted at our Haverhill, MA Branch

Ron from R&L Berube Electric
Spotted in Salem, NH

Dennis Capurso
Spotted at our Worcester Tradeshow

Joe from Amour Electric
Spotted at the Concord, NH Branch

Tarring Electric
Spotted at the Biddeford, ME Branch

Eric from GV Electrical Systems
Spotted at our Legrand Customer
Appreciation Event in Stamford, CT.

T Lynch Electric
Spotted at our Quincy, MA Branch

Chris from Norpel Electric
Spotted in New Bedford, MA

Joseph from Nash Electric
Spotted at our Dover, NH Branch

Andrew from Donovan Electric
Spotted at our Boston, MA Branch