Central Distribution Center

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Largest Electrical Distributor in New England

Get quality products where and when you need them!

With one of the largest product offerings in New England, improved logistics, shared resources and strong vendor relations, NorthEast is your local source for all your product needs.

  • 283,000 sq. ft. facility located in Brockton, MA
  • $34 Million in inventory
  • 24 Hour - 3 Shift CDC Operating Team
  • Timely delivery commitments
  • 55+ delivery truck fleet
  • Efficient flow of goods
  • More than 30 Locations with Counter and Will Call capabilities at all locations.
  • Affiliation with Key Industry Manufacturers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Qualified and knowledgeable Sales Force - Leaders in their field!
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's) used for shuttling pallets and products, saving time and travel while ensuring safety.

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Knight Prowler

Due to it's central distribution center in Brockton, MA, the 24 hour, 3 shift operating team and the vast product offering, NorthEast has the capability of scheduling early delivery time commitments to customer sites in the wee hours of the morning.

Simply contact your local sale personnel or stop in at any one of our NorthEast locations to schedule your request.

Hours of Operation

Sun-Fri: The CDC has a team of people on site AROUND THE CLOCK from Sunday at 2:00pm until Friday at 8:00pm. - 3 Shift Operating Team

After Hours Inventory Access

NorthEast is committed to providing customer access to our inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(800) 579-8723

(This service is available to existing customers on open account. There will be a $100 service charge for each transaction.)