Lighting & Switchgear Project Management Capabilities

The NorthEast Electrical Project Group provides a professional approach to both its lighting and switchgear businesses. Employees are continuously trained to improve their effectiveness and overall job performance. This Project Group consists of eight Lighting Quotation Associates, nine Lighting Project Managers, six Switchgear Quotation Associates and two Switchgear Project Managers.

The Switchgear Group provides equipment for Private, Public and Design Build Projects, there are 8 individuals with over one hundred years of combined Switchgear experience. Equipment is delivered for projects across the US and has been delivered Internationally as far as Kuwait.

The Lighting Group provides both interior and exterior lighting layouts using the most cost competitive and energy efficient fixtures available. This group includes six individuals with over 20 years of experience. Projects typically range from $1,000 to over $1 million dollars.


  • Supply on time, accurate, and competitive quotations to customers on bid day
  • Work with customers and Outside Sales Team to provide approvable, and complete buy packages that have taken job scheduling and potential cost savings into account prior to quotation


  • Consistent Project Management process
  • Accurate and timely submittal packages
  • Weekly project status reports
  • Accurate billing
  • Professional dispute resolution process
  • Professional project close out process

Based on integrity, expertise and commitment, we deliver electrical products and technical solutions for the sustainable success of our customers, employees and suppliers.

NorthEast Electrical works hard to earn the trust and respect of our customers and manufacturers. There is no job too large or too small!

For more information, contact your local branch or outside sales representative!