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  • Reduce crew man hour substantially
  • Faster installation time
  • Lower the number of reels required at each job
  • Sections can be cut to length
  • Makes clean up easier and reduces waste
  • Easily moved on job site by pallet jack or wheel
  • Order only what you need - less wire scrap

Reels come in two sizes
Large Capacity (45” Wide) and Small Capacity (35” Narrow)

Both sizes have wheels intended for interior use only Small capacity (35”) can fit through a standard doorway


  • 1 four-section main compartment and single section ground compartment
  • Options for NorthEast-installed pulling heads and/or color feeders
  • Free spinning reels give options for on-site mobility
  • Locking wheels provide safety and stability

For more information contact your local branch or sales associate at 1-800-897-1769

Download Spin Reel Flyer