A partnership for cost reduction.

Recent studies have shown that the cost associated with the acquisition and possession of goods can often exceed the cost of the goods themselves. On average, such costs are 41.5% of the purchase price. That fact is leading more organizations to re-examine their procurement practices in an effort to streamline procedures, improve profitability, and reduce downtime.

Working in partnership with management, purchasing, and production, we can help your business realize significant cost savings. We offer a solution that addresses the cost of inventory procurement while improving service. We call this ESS (Electrical Supply Solutions).

The process begins with a comprehensive review of your acquisition procedures and systems. Alternatives are then recommended to improve overall efficiency. These solutions can encompass revised order entry procedures, automated inventory management, EDI, customer-specific catalogs for easy re-orders, management reports, and more. One thing is sure: our ESS will have a positive effect on your bottom line.

We rely on state-of-the-art tools and methods. For example, we can establish an inventory database for stockroom personnel. Customized to your needs, using your part numbers, descriptions, and drawings, this system will automatically re-order when minimum quantities are reached. Allowing stockroom personnel to assume responsibility for stock replenishment eliminates redundant purchasing procedures.

The benefits of ESS:

  • Reduction on inventory assets through usage tracking and purchase avoidance
  • Reduced transaction costs, cost of ownership and space requirements
  • Improved business process/efficiency
  • Increased productivity, fill rate and accuracy
  • Barcode order replenishment system
  • Quarterly review of performance

Estimated Financial Impact
$50,000 /Year Stockroom
Reduced inventory cost of ownership - $6,000
Reduced acquisition costs - $7,500

In addition to the ESS Program, NorthEast also offers valuable risk mitigation services:

Automation Assessments -- Network Assessments -- Lockout Tag-Out (LOTO) Audits

For more information contact us at 781-302-2000 or ESS@needco.com

We provide the following complementary training sessions with our ESS Programs: