Save time, money, and labor!


  • Deliver on difficult terrain in a shorter time
  • Large items can be unloaded in tight spaces
  • Deliveries can be unloaded without assistance
  • Trained drivers deliver safely and quickly
  • Trailer-mounted Moffett delivers more stock using straight trucks

Moffett truck delivery can increase your productivity and provide flexible, precise delivery options.

Why consider a Moffett truck for deliveries?

The Moffett forklift is trailer-mounted on the rear of a truck or rig. This creates more space to increase the capacity for loads and deliveries. Don't let site access challenges or clunky delivery logistics be a challenging part of your purchasing experience!

Save time

  • Unloading starts within minutes of arrival
  • Drivers are fully trained and need no assistance
  • Increased load size means fewer deliveries
  • Drop product off exactly where you need it, keeping your project moving

Extended delivery options

  • Panto-graph and telescoping forks provide extended reach capabilities
  • Four-way steering for more maneuverability
  • Navigate tight configurations quickly and safely
  • Ability to cover different, more complicated terrain

For more information contact your local branch or sales associate, 1-800-897-1769.

Download Moffett Truck Flyer